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The Games Hub studios have been busy so far this summer, with several of our teams staying on to continue with their development work after the programme concluded earlier in the month.

And over the past few weeks we’ve been even busier, with students from several local schools visiting the studios for work experience. Students from Market Field School, Honywood, and Philip Morant have all been helping us out in many different ways.

In particular, they’ve been really helpful to our teams, who have had them testing their games, giving feedback, and finding bugs.

Nysko Games have done an amazing job of keeping our work experience students busy with everything from designing new characters and levels, through to completing research projects on game genres all around their game The Dwarves of Glistenveld. Meanwhile Sketchbook Games have got the students helping out with areas of design and gameplay, and Teaboy Games asked them to help with some testing of new online features after their recent release of Pendulum.

Some of the visiting students also had a chance to design and discuss their own game ideas. Others have been conducting some excellent research into a wide range of topics including regional development studios and indie games marketing, and have also been helping out with editing and uploading promotional videos.

It’s been incredibly useful and a real pleasure to have our work experience students working with us, and our thanks go to all of the students who have taken part!