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You might have seen our previous blog post announcing that we have been named as one of the Tranzfuser 2018 local hubs (hurray!).

Tranzfuser offers the opportunity for recent graduates to secure some funding towards developing a game, and our being named as a local hub means that you will now be able to do this at The Games Hub.

But you might still be wondering what being based at The Games Hub for your project would involve. We’ve therefore put together this handy guide to what working on your Tranzfuser project at The Games Hub could look like.

Applications can be made online and are open until the 12th March.

What does Tranzfuser involve?

The Tranzfuser talent development programme offers you the chance to build a team and to work on a games idea from June to September, with support from your local hub.

Successful team leaders are awarded a £5,000 budget towards their project, with the intention that they will produce a demo that can be taken to a Trazfuser showcase event at the end of September. At the Tranzfuser showcase, teams then present their prototype games in order to pitch for a grant of up to £25,000 from the UK Games Fund.

Throughout the programme, you therefore have the opportunity to:

  • Build a team
  • Get local support
  • Get funding
  • Showcase your prototype
  • Commercialise your game
  • Win a budget of £5k to spend on development team
  • Successful pitches get a UK Games Fund grans of up to £25,000

What support will I get from The Games Hub?

Being based at The Games Hub will be awesome. We promise.

We can provide office space, a steady supply of biscuits (we have a particular preference for fig newtons), and the support of the other industrious indie developer teams based at The Games Hub. We hold regular talks and events throughout the year, including Wednesday visits from experts in the games industry, on topics ranging from art and production to programming to business planning.

You’ll also be working closely with veteran games developer Steven Huckle, founder of The Games Hub and veteran games developer with just a few of the titles to his name including Sensible Soccer, Tomb Raider, X-Men, FIFA, Need for Speed, DJ Hero, The Sims, and Transformers Universe.

If you want to learn more about The Games Hub, take a look at our About page, or feel free to send us an email.

Got more questions?

I'm ready to apply!

If you’re ready to apply, simply send us your application.

Don’t forget that applications are due in by 12th March – that’s just 10 days left to apply!

Good luck!