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The Games Hub is home to some of the most outstandingly talented, hard-working and intelligent developers we know. They are key to what makes the studio the huge success that it is.

We are incredibly proud to have them here with us, redefining games development, and establishing and building the industry here and beyond.

Here are some of the amazing (not to mention multiple award-winning) indie games developers who are part of the Games Hub:

Teaboy Games

Teaboy Games are now working on their second title ‘Pendulum’. This is a follow up to their hugely popular ‘Fallen’. They are also working on other smaller projects.

Sketchbook Games

Sketchbook Games was founded by designer Mark Backler. Mark joined the hub in 2015 to work on the multi-award winning game Lost Words.

Novo Games

Founded by three University of Essex students, Novo Games have just recently released their second game Mirror Dash.

Nysko Games

Nysko Games are currently hard at work with their dwarf real-time strategy game.

Arplex Studios

A team of likeminded people aiming to make games that are enjoyable and interesting.


The latest title from Flitch Games is Klink, a simple but challenging puzzle game for mobile platforms.

Digital Realms Ltd

Digital Realms Ltd’s game Caelum: Into the Sky is currently in development for the HTC Vive. Players discover hidden secrets and solve puzzles.

Randomly Selected

Randomly Selected are on a break while their founder Sorin spends a year in America. They will return to continue with their game Original Sin this summer.