The Games Hub Presentation Day 2017

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Thanks very much to the teams who presented last week. They all did a brilliant job of showcasing their games and provided an interesting look at where they’re up to with their work. Thanks also to everyone who attended – we had some great questions and some valuable feedback on the games.

If you couldn’t make the event, then don’t worry – we’ll be uploading some video content soon, or you can read on for a summary of the day’s presentations.

Klink (Flitch Games) Presented by Jason Ware

klink flitch games jason ware

Jason’s graphic design background and time spent doodling shapes inspired his line-drawing game Klink. He wanted to create a simple but challenging game that would be very visual, drawing on his existing design skills while he learnt to use Unity.

The game recently won second place in the indie zone at Rapture Festival, where Jason received positive feedback on the addictive gameplay and its appeal to all ages.

The game was originally supposed to be a learning project, but after it generated interest from a London-based studio Jason thought it might be possible to sell the game. He now intends to release the game for sale on iOS and Android in Autumn 2017.

The Dwarves of Glistenveld (Nysko Games) Presented by Martyn Hinson and Perry Monschau

nysko games dwarves of glistenveld

Nysko Games looked to older games for inspiration when they were designing The Dwarves of Glistenveld. Describe as Dungeon Keeper meets The Settlers for modern gamers, they want the player to be able to guide the game rather than the other way around, so there is a focus on mod and flexibility. Nysko are also keen to include humour in their game, which is unusual in the RTS genre.

The team recently showcased the game at Rapture Festival, where they had some interesting successes – one of the kids who played it said it was the best game he’d ever played, another came back five times to play, and another player’s wife had to drag him away…

The game is aimed at the PC market and is aimed to launch on Steam in September 2017.

Arenas of Magic (Wayward Worlds) Presented by Johnathan Fisher

arenas of magic wayward worlds

Johnathan is an undergraduate at the University of Essex who is trying to reimagine MMOs. These are usually very time-intensive, which can be difficult for a student, and are usually PC-exclusive. His game Arenas of Magic is a 2D action game which will require less time investment, and which will be rolled out across a wide range of devices, from PC to smart Phone.

Johnathan was previously working on Arenas of Magic in his spare time, but since getting help and feedback from others at The Games Hub has found the motivation to make real progress. He is currently running a Click campaign through the University of Essex to try to secure some funding for the game, which will be used to create new assets, to translate the game, and to test across different devices.

A working prototype is currently running, so the game is playable online now.

Personal project based on the Discworld: Ankh-Morpork board game Presented by Daniel Gomme

the games hub

Daniel is in his second year at the University of Essex. His game is a digital version of the Discworld: Ankh-Morpork board game, which is all about back-stabbing your friends (we were assured this is a lot of fun), and is currently in its second revision.

This project is not intended for public release or sale, but was focused on what Daniel wanted to learn while at The Games Hub. He says that coming to The Games Hub provided real motivation in continuing with the game even after long breaks away from it due to university work, and that he has really valued being able to get support and advice from people here.

Next year Daniel would like to start designing his own game. He anticipates that his final year project will build on the work completed on his Discworld project.

Rail Warriors (Arplex Studios) Presented by David Griffith

rail warriors arplex studios david griffith

Arplex describe their game as Tony Hawks meets Sonic Riders, in 2D, on mobile. Rail Warriors is a fast-paced side-scroller game built in Construct 2, which the team have been learning to use as they go. The game features two characters, Zeke and Lucy, each with their own moves, with 1990s comic book-style artwork.

The team’s overheads are low due to the free studio space provided by The Games Hub, but they are now looking for funding for hardware that they can use when not in The Games Hub offices, as well as to attend conventions and to market the game.

This will be a paid-for app on Android and iOS at as low a price as possible. There is currently a playable demo available online, and they are hoping to have the game completed before the next round of the programme starts in October.