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Run on words and move them to solve puzzles in order to unlock the fantasy world of Estoria
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Sketchbook Games was founded by designer Mark Backler, who joined the hub in 2015 to work on the multi-award winning game Lost Words. Set within the pages of a girl’s diary, players are taken on an emotional journey in a story written by Rhianna Pratchett, which is complemented by highly original gameplay.

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Lost Words

Sketchbook Games are currently developing the story-focused platformer game, Lost Words, which is set inside a diary and sees players solving a variety of puzzles using the words on each page. You explore a young, aspiring writer’s fantasy story, which you then live out in the fantasy world of Estoria she is creating.


Lost Words has already scooped a number of awards, including ‘Best Story’, Most Creative/Original’ and ‘Best Indie Game’ at Game Connection 2016, and ‘Game of the Show’ at Intel Buzz 2016.


Game designer Mark Backler has previously worked on games such as Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix and Fable 2. Concept artist Ross Burt has over 12 years’ experience with companies like the BBC, EA and Playfish. Tomas Normand, a programmer at Ground Shatter and previously at Marmalade, is providing code support, and audio designer Joe Brammall has worked with Microsoft, the BBC and audio-only game studio Somethin’ Else.

Screenshots from Lost Words