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The world of Caelum holds many secrets, and some of them have been unearthed…

Your task is to hunt down these treasures, making your living in this world as a scavenger. Some secrets are concealed behind doors, others require you to solve riddles or puzzles. But the greatest secret of all is hidden within the stone walls of what looks like a ruined monastery…

This is one of Francesco Borri’s secret laboratories, hidden from the inquisition. An alchemist hunted for his trade, his greatest discovery was to find a way to create the Philosopher’s stone.

In Caelum: Into the Sky you explore these magnificent ruins to find Borri’s hidden notes and locate the Philosopher’s stone for yourself.

What greater treasure is there than a source of eternal life?

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More about Caelum: Into the Sky

Caelum: Into the Sky is a world of many wonders and treasures, in development for the HTC Vive. Set in a world which has fallen to pieces, the people are learning to adapt to a new order. Life now continues in a fascinating world full of dangers that conceals the secrets of alchemy.

Players discover hidden secrets, solve puzzles, and explore a beautiful, broken world

Caelum will challenge your perceptions, until you learn more about the natural world and the mystical practices of Alchemy.

The dev team

Digital Realms Ltd are a small team of students and graduates of the Games Art and Design course at the Norwich University of the Arts (NUA).

Caelum: Into the Sky started as a university project, a concept jointly developed by friends Adam and Ben, and which Adam developed into a first level and game mechanics for his final project. For this project he receive the Vice-Chancellor’s commendation, and Caelum was picked for the “Best of NUA” exhibition in Norwich.

Since graduating, Adam has rejoined forced with Ben, now in his third year of university, to continue the development of Caelum.

Screenshots from Caelum: Into the Sky