Our Founder Celebrated!

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This month at The Games Hub, we’re delighted to share the news that our founder, Steven Huckle, received an Honorary Doctorate degree last month (October 5th) from University Centre Colchester, validated by the University of Essex.

An Honorary Doctorate is one of higher education’s most prestigious tributes and recognises lifetime accomplishments and achievements.

Steven Huckle's Honorary Doctorate

UCC chose Steven to receive this award thanks to his work at The Games Hub, helping numerous young people develop their games and skills and giving them the tools to enter the industry.  They also acknowledged all of his work in helping the gaming industry in East Anglia flourish. He has achieved this not only through his work through The Games Hub, but also the work he has done in local schools, colleges and universities, as well as his programme in Africa.

Steven Huckle Honrary Doctorate Graduation

Steven had the following to say, “I’m speechless, humbled and proud, it’s far from anything about me and more about everyone who’s been part of it all, from the individuals and teams to places like Colchester Institute and the University of Essex who have all been completely amazing. It’s genuinely something really hard to put into words and I’m incredibly grateful…”

We thank those that nominated Steven for this award, and we’re once again delighted to know what a positive impact Steven is having on the community, and that a local university acknowledges his success.

If you want to learn more about Steven Huckle and his work, you can read about him on The Games Hub website by clicking here.