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Last month we attended the University of Essex’s first Digital, Creative and Cultural Festival, where we opened up The Games Hub teaching to a new range of students.

The festival invited year 10 school pupils to attend a day of workshops, lectures and other activities delivered by academics and external organisations in the digital creative sector. There was a wide range of talks delivered on the day, ranging from Digital Mapping to Film Production, and of course we at The Games Hub wanted to get involved too.

The Games Hub Digital Creative Culture

Steven therefore gave participating students an introductory session on how to build their own games using Construct 2. Students were taken through the basics of how to set up a game, from importing assets to developing game play. They were more than ably supported by Aidan from Teaboy Games, and the three sessions showed the range of different abilities of the students. Speaking of Teaboy Games, Scott did a sterling job with a foil controlled Makey Makey version of their 9 to 5 game, as well as introducing their new game Pendulum to students on a stand out in the university squares.

We had a great time working with the students and seeing some of their incredible artistic (and in some cases “unusual”) flair for designing characters. All did a fantastic job in the 45 minutes they had, and produced some great and fun games.

In spite of most of the students not finding a single one of Steven’s jokes funny, we’re also delighted to say that we’ve received some amazing feedback from the schools who attended – from both the teachers and the students – who gave our workshop the highest rating of the day. They described the workshop as fun and engaging, said that they enjoyed getting to use the different technology, and that they also enjoyed the opportunity to learn things that they wouldn’t be taught at school.

Thanks very much to the Employability and Careers Centre at the University of Essex for organising such an exciting and innovative festival. We hope we’ll be able to keep getting involved in future!