E3 2018 – The games you might have missed!

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Gaming’s biggest event has finished for another year. E3 2018 was full of hits and misses, though nothing too unexpected was announced. So, we've compiled some of the smaller games you

How to write an amazing indie gamedev blog

There's no doubt that a gamedev blog can be really useful in spreading the word about your indie game. Blogs can bring more traffic directly to your website. They're good

Four things you can do to market your game before you’ve even built it

The one thing you'll read everywhere when it comes to marketing your indie game: you need to start marketing your game as early as you possibly can. You might just

Nysko Games: One Year Ago

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This week, Nysko Games wrote a blog post for us looking back at where they were a year ago...Every now and then I think it’s a good idea to sit

Spotlight: Lost Words

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Over the next few weeks we're going to be catching up with some of the current teams at The Games Hub and sharing a bit about what they're working on

Win £25k to develop and publish your video game

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You might have seen our previous blog post announcing that we have been named as one of the Tranzfuser 2018 local hubs (hurray!). Tranzfuser offers the opportunity for recent graduates to

February Booster Sessions

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Among all the events we've got going on this year (including hosting the UKIE Hub Crawl tomorrow, the Big Indie Pitch on the 1st March, and being named as a

We’re a 2018 Tranzfuser Hub!

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We're excited to announce that we're a 2018 Tranzfuser Hub! Not sure what that means? Well, for starters it means the opportunity to win some funding for your game... What

Our 2018 resolutions at The Games Hub

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We loved looking back at all the things we achieved last year – it's so important to make sure that you stop and appreciate how far you've come. But now that

2017 at The Games Hub

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It's that time of year between Christmas and New Year, when we're too full of mince pies and leftover Christmas pudding to do much more than collapse on the sofa