And they’re off!

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The Games Hub 2017/18 round has now officially started, and we’d like to offer a big welcome to all of our new starters!

After a couple of well-attended open sessions, where our established teams did a great job of chatting to everyone who’d come in to see the offices, we’re now a few weeks into the programme and really excited about how everything’s been going so far.

In our first week, Steven gave a short introductory talk about his 30 years in games, and took everyone through what The Games Hub is all about and why he set it up. It was also another good and well used opportunity for those taking part to ask any questions.

It’s been great to see how many different ideas are already emerging when we’re just a few weeks in to the new round – our new starters have been discussing educational apps, a university-based management game, and a space adventure game amongst other ideas! Some of the teams will be using the time to work on their final degree project in the hope of taking their games further, while we have a few others who are still deciding what they want to focus on.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these new projects come together, and to the rest of the programme ahead. Our talks have kicked off with a session on AR/VR, and a talk from Frazer of Teaboy Games on the portfolio career that’s grown out of his experience of game design. Our first industry speakers booked in for 15th November, so we’ve got some busy weeks ahead!