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We loved looking back at all the things we achieved last year – it’s so important to make sure that you stop and appreciate how far you’ve come.

But now that it’s the new year, we’re also looking forward to all that’s in store at The Games Hub for 2018…


We’ve already got some of our talks lined up for the new year, and we can’t wait to hear them.

Scheduled in for January are talks from Jon Hare, who founded one of the most successful games development companies of the 80s and 90s, Sensible Software, and from Oscar Clark, a games designer, business strategist, and evangelist for Unity and Sony.

We’re also in the process of arranging further talks on voice acting in the video games industry, the Microsoft development suite, and Amazon Alexa, to name just a few… it’s an exciting year ahead!

Events coming up

We’ve rescheduled the Big Indie Pitch event in order to give teams more time to prepare their games for pitching, so that will now be taking place on 1st March 2018.

This is a really awesome opportunity for app developers to win some marketing funds (up to $5,500!), and we’re incredibly pleased that it will be coming to East Anglia.

We’re also looking forward to hosting one of the UKIE UK tour events, and have some exciting news regarding an event with BAFTA… watch this space!

Other exciting projects

Behind the scenes at The Games Hub, we’re also working on ways to make what we do more fun and more accessible to as many people as possible. We’ve therefore got plans for the website to produce something that we think is going to be genuinely new, we’ve had our intern Johan working on a rebranding project including some new animations for the hub. We also have a video project linked up for the new year to help explain more about what we do here.

We hope that all of this work will mean that it’s even easier to keep on top of what’s going on at The Games Hub, and will do the best job possible of showing off the incredible games that our teams are developing.

And our final wish for 2018...

Obviously by the end of the year we’d like all of our teams to have made their millions. And if you’re reading, we wish the same for you, too!

Happy new year from The Games Hub.