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Shark Infested Custard

The Founders, Creators and Designers of the one and only Games Hub

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University of Essex

The hubs key partner is the University of Essex who make so much of all of this possible!

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Teaboy Games, Novo Games, Sketchbook Games, Nysko Studio, Enki, Randomly Selected are just a few of the teams who have formed or work at the hub

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Eastern Enterprise Hub

Helping us supply some of the vital business knowledge

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Made in Creative UK

Made in Creative UK is a campaign whose aim to increase awareness of video game and digital media development in the United Kingdom.

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Creative England

Creative England is dedicated to the growth of the creative industries. And home of the top 50 Future Leaders Award

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Innovation 50 Winner

Innovation 50 is an exciting three-year project launched by Essex County Council (ECC) and Anglia Ruskin University. The aim of the project is to identify the most successful and growing SMEs across the county to find out more about their success and growth.


An incredibly unique games and business development studio

The Games Hub is a unique (and free!) games and business development studio created, designed and founded by BAFTA nominated and Creative England top 50 Future Leader, veteran games developer Steven Huckle of Shark Infested Custard. The Games Hub gives the opportunity for aspiring games developers to come and develop their game and business plan, and set them on the road to have their own games company. We offer space with hardware running our free programme that is supported through experts from the world of both business and games. Partnered by The University of Essex The Games Hub runs a 40 week programme covering all aspects of games development and games as a business. In our first year the hub has helped set up more than 5 companies and seen more than 50 people participate.